ABOUT OUR owner - kathy corbey


I created ClubJump to have a place where people can go to find the best classes taught in a fun atmosphere. I might not go out to “clubs” anymore, but there’s no reason our workouts can’t feel like a party! I taught my first class when I was at Virginia Tech, and I’ve never stopped. By 2006, I had two babies and decided to start my first business, Mommy Bootcamp. As my kids grew up, so did my business. Studio PinkFIT opened it’s doors in 2012. SPF was a boutique studio before we even knew what the word “boutique” meant! We’ve always offered cutting edge formats and in 2015 we added trampolines to the mix. After years of teaching mainly bootcamp, I was hooked on Rebounding! It’s the most effective cardio I’ve found and it’s easy on your joints. It also benefits your lymphatic system and it’s FUN! I love music, so I enjoy all of our formats because music is such a part of them. If you are looking for a workout that doesn’t feel like “work” and a gym that doesn’t look like a gym (ours has a disco ball), I hope you can join us at The Club!

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